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ABTC Code of Ethics

Approved by AKC 10/15/01

Objective & Purpose: To promote cooperation and friendship among members of the American Belgian Tervuren Club and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training, and competition of Tervuren.

1. I will appreciate the unique nature of the Belgian Tervuren and will work to develop the characteristics this breed has inherited through selective breeding.

2. I will be responsible and care for my dogs in a manner that promotes their robust mental and physical health; striving to bring each dog to its full potential as a companion and in whatever areas are chosen.

3. I will educate myself about the Belgian Tervuren, the breed’s history and function, the AKC Breed Standard, health concerns, socialization and training. I will support and abide by the rules of the ABTC and AKC.

4. I will act with responsible and courteous behavior as a representative of the ABTC. I will endeavor to display the integrity, kindness and sense of humor that typify the Belgian Tervuren breed. This includes having control of my dog at all times, cleaning up after my dog in public places, and leaving public facilities in the same condition in which they were found.

5. I will be honest. I will truthfully and realistically represent my Belgian Tervuren in terms of quality, health and genetic history.

6. If I choose to breed, I will educate myself about genetic problems, breeding, whelping, raising puppies & socialization. I will use my knowledge with the goal of producing healthy, sound, quality Belgian Tervuren.

7. I will undertake breeding with a lifelong commitment to every dog I produce, whether I am the breeder or stud dog owner.

8. I will not wholesale litters, or knowingly sell to pet dealers, catalog houses, or other sources of commercial distribution. I will not donate or sell dogs for research, unless it is to study a specific breed defect by a veterinarian recognized by the ABTC. I will not engage in the over breeding of stock for profit without regard for quality and health.

9. I shall endeavor to share information or knowledge and to assist newcomers and others who exhibit a sincere interest in the Belgian Tervuren breed.

10. I will be a guardian of the spirit, health and well-being of the Belgian Tervuren. Should I become aware of the mistreatment, abuse, or need for relocation of any Belgian Tervuren, I will make every effort to be of assistance by notifying the breeder, the local authorities, ABTC Rescue, and by helping in any other way in which I am able.

By joining the American Belgian Tervuren Club, I accept this code in its entirety. Any documented violation of the Code of Ethics shall be dealt with as provided in the by-laws. Each member of the ABTC has accepted the responsibility to protect the interests of the breed by conducting himself in a manner designed to reflect credit on himself, the Belgian Tervuren breed and the ABTC.

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