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Dog Events

All events will take place at the Marriot Riverfront Inn Conference Center, unless otherwise noted.

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Conformation & Juniors

Fri-Sat, May 12-13

Judge:  Richard J. Lewis

Location:  South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront facility

All regular classes including Novice, BBE Puppy, and BBE Adult will be offered at the National. The Two Rivers Belgian Tervuren Club will be hosting a Regional Specialty on Tuesday, May 9. 


Tuesday: Two Rivers Belgian Tervuren Club Regional Specialty

Thursday: Sweepstakes

Friday:   4-6 month Beginner Puppy, followed by Regular classes starting with Dogs, and Bitches to follow

Saturday: Junior Showmanship, Stud dog/Brood bitch, Brace, Best of Breed

Chair people: 

Barbara Turek & Sheryl McCormick;



Thursday, May 11

Judge:  Sue Haase

Location:  South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront facility

Puppy, Veteran, and Working Sweeps will be offered.


Sandy Blazier



Monday, May 8

Judge:  Randy Capsel

Location:  Jester Park Equestrian Center, Des Moines, IA

Classes:  Standard, JWW, FAST, T2B
Fees:  $24/14/14/14

Entries close on Wednesday, April 5 at noon.

Premium List

Agility will be held in Granger, Iowa. There will be THREE days of all-breed agility offered through the Des Moines Obedience Training Club prior to the National Agility Trial. One ring, packed dirt arena, approximately 90x110. All equipment is rubberized.

Chair people: 

Owen & Sandy Deatrick;



Sat/Sun, May 6-7

Judge:  Sue Hasse & James Bergert

Stock & Course:  A Course Sheep, A/B Course Ducks*, HT/PT

Location:  Sunshine Obedience School in Council Bluffs, IA

Saturday will be an all-breed trial. Sunday is the ABTC National Specialty trial and will be Tervuren only. 

Premium List & Entry Form

*Note - due to the ongoing bird flu, duck runs may be canceled or reduced; Iowa is not permitting movement of poultry.

Photos: Ken Catron will be on site for action shots during Agility.


Site: There will be no on-site food - please plan accordingly. There is a nearby fast food establishment. There will not be overnight parking or practice available. Contact Gerianne Darnell for day-of, onsite RV parking: (712) 526-2252 or


Lynn Earhart



Tues/Wed, May 9-10

Judges: Cindy & Philip Rustad, Marina Pavlovsky

Location:  South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront facility

There will be TWO obedience and rally trials this year! 

Tuesday will offer all Regular classes  (Novice A&B, Open A&B, Utility A&B).  Judges are Phil Rustad and Marina Pavlovsky

Wednesday will be the National Tervuren Obedience trial. All Regular classes (Novice A&B, Open A&B, Utility A&B) will be offered, as well as Preferred Novice, Open, and Utility,  Beginner Novice A&B, Graduate Novice & Open, Versatility, Veterans, Brace & Team. Judges are Phil and Cindy Rustad and Marina Pavlovsky


Liz Outlaw


Tues/Wed, May 9-10

Judges: Cindy & Philip Rustad, Marina Pavlovsky

Location:  South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront facility

There will be TWO obedience and rally trials this year!

Tuesday will offer all Regular classes (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced,  Excellent, and Master).  Judges are Phil Rustad and Marina Pavlovsky

Wednesday will be the National Tervuren Rally trial. All Regular classes (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent, and Master) will be offered, as well as Preferred, Pairs, and Team. Judges are Phil and Cindy Rustad and Marina Pavlovsky


Robin Comp-Zelles



Tuesday, May 9

Judges: Carol Ruthenberg and Vincent Ramirez

Location: Hillview Recreation Area in Hinton, IA

3 TD and 2 TDX tracks will be offered. Open to Belgian Tervuren only.  Fees:  $75 TD, $125 TDX. 

Entries close March 29 at 6pm.

Premium List

Site:  Lunch will be held afterward at an off-site location (to be announced later). The park has outdoor restrooms available.

Sharon Brewer


Top Ten Event

Thursday, May 11

Deadline:  April 1 (by Invitation Only)

This year will feature a Parade of Top Ten Tervuren for 2022 in each of the following categories: Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Herding, Juniors, Rally, and Champion Trackers. Invitations to participate and additional information will be mailed as soon as 2022 year-end rankings are confirmed with official ABTC statisticians. All rankings are based on ABTC points systems. This event is open to anyone whose dogs finished in the top ten of the above categories. The Parade of Champions will take place starting at 5:00pm during cocktail hour for the Awards Banquet, Thursday, May 11, 2023, time subject to change. Each “exhibitor” will show their dog to ringside while having their biography read and will receive a special memento at the conclusion of the event. Biography write ups are due to the chair by April 15, 2023 send via email with “Top 10 parade of champions” in the subject line. 

Beth Walker


Terv Two-Miler

Friday, May 12

Deadline April 1

The Terv 2 Miler is a 1-mile course completed by a team of one human and one Tervuren connected by a 6-foot leash. Each human entrant receives a beautifully designed Terv 2 Miler t-shirt. On the course, human and canine entrants may run or walk this at their comfort level. All family members are welcome. This will not be a timed event. Treats will be presented to the canine and human entrants upon completion of the course. Water will also be available at the finish. Awards will be given for youngest entrants both dog and human, fastest/slowest finish, most style dog/human, and other categories. You never know what may earn you a prize, so come ready for a good time! Shirts are only guaranteed for


Cassie Collins

Run for Glory & Rainbow Run

Monday, May 8


Entry deadline:  April 1

This event is being held by the American Belgian Tervuren Club (ABTC) National Specialty 2023 to recognize our beloved retired and passed agility dogs.  These events will be held Monday, May 8, 2023 during the Terv only agility trial. 


For more information on these events, go the Run for Glory & Rainbow Run page.

Katherine Shogren

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