Chairperson: Penny King


Deadline: April 13th          

Reserved indoor grooming space - Each spot is approximately 10 x 10. They are $40 per space for the week starting Tuesday, May 10th.  The spots will be available at 4 pm or when released by the grooming chair.  One electrical plug is allotted for each space.  Exhibitors wishing to have spaces adjacent to each other need to notify the grooming chair on or before April 13th.  We will do our best to accommodate these requests.   All items must be removed from the building by Saturday, May 14th by 6pm.   Reserved grooming is limited to 2 per person.

A small free grooming area will also be available on a first-come basis. No electricity is available in free grooming.  No private setups are allowed on the grass.  A bathing station will be available.

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