Deadline: 4/21

Cost:         $30 per person   


Wednesday    5/19     1:00-4:00 PM (tentative, will be posted)


Dr. Bell will present a 3-hour genetic health seminar.  This is a seminar developed specifically for fanciers and breeders of Belgian Tervuren.  It will include updates on current research.   The seminar will be in two parts.  The first part will be based on an analysis of a computerized Belgian Tervuren pedigree database, registration statistics and pedigree analysis of influential Belgian Tervuren dogs and bitches.  It will discuss genetic diversity in the breed, genetic depletion, how the selection of mates and types of matings manipulates the genes of the ancestors in the pedigree, and popular sire syndrome.  This will be followed by a Q&A and 10–15-minute break.  The second part will discuss genetic disorders affecting the Belgian Tervuren.  The talk will cover the different types of genetic tests, their availability, and their proper use.  It will include breeding recommendations to manage different types of genetic disorders.  A second Q&A will follow.

Genetics Seminar