Deadline:     4/1   


Cost: $20

Thursday  5/20


The Honor Parade is a non-competitive event open to all Belgian Tervuren eight years of age or older on the date of the Honor Parade and having at least one AKC title or a BAR award.  


Tervuren entered in Best of Breed eligible conformation classes (class dogs, class bitches, best of breed, non-regular veteran dog and veteran bitch eight years through ten years) are not eligible to participate in the Honor Parade.


Dogs and bitches eleven years and older will be allowed to compete both in the Best of Breed Veteran classes and the Honor Parade. A Show Secretary, Show Chairperson and any Specialty Judge who has completed their assignment may enter their eligible Tervuren in the Honor Parade. 


Dogs which were eligible for the Honor Parade in 2020 and are no longer with us may be entered in 2021 if they meet the criteria above.


Provide a brief resume AND photo of the dog, digital photos may be sent, please make sure to send high resolution. Submit pictures to:  Vickie Marie at

  • Full AKC name and titles of the dog (titles are limited to AKC only for US dogs, or CKC only for Canadian dogs).
  • Sire and dam
  • Date of Birth
  • Owner(s)
  • Breeder(s)
  • Write up and high resolution photo

Honor Parade