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Run for Glory

Chairperson: Kimberlee Beckman   

Deadline: April 10

Event Date:  Tuesday, June 11

This event is being held by the American Belgian Tervuren Club (ABTC) National Specialty 2023 to recognize our beloved retired and passed agility dogs. 

This non-competitive event is being held to recognize our beloved retired agility dogs. The event will be held Tuesday June 11, 2024, immediately before Novice Jumpers during the Tervuren specialty agility trial. Each dog will run a “victory” course based on novice JWW obstacles, with bars set at the handler’s height choice or left on the ground. Any obstacles may be skipped.


This year’s theme will be “Boundless Agility.” While the titles of these dogs document success, no titles can adequately reflect the journey that brought us to those achievements. Please provide one or two short moments that personify your relationship with your dog. Please email the information from the form and the script to Chair, Kimberlee .


Those memories will be read aloud by the announcer for all to share, while you and your dog enjoy the Run for Glory course. At the conclusion of the run, each team will receive a personalized ribbon with their dog’s name and titles embossed on it.


This special event is for retired dogs only, regardless of how long they have been retired. The deadline is April 10th to allow time for ordering the custom ribbons. No entries can be made after this date.

Cost is $30

Make your payment via the online store

Download an entry form:

     Word doc or PDF

Pay Online here

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