ABTC 2021:  Schedule of Events


Saturday 5/15

Sunday 5/16

Monday 5/17

All Breed Herding Trial

Track laying

ABTC Herding Trial

Tracking test

All Breed Agility Trial

Scent Work Trial, 2 trials concurrently

Tuesday 5/18

ABTC Agility Trial

Welcome BBQ (PM)

Wednesday 5/19

Sweepstakes (AM)

Seminars (PM)

Rent-a-ring (PM)

Thursday 5/20

Rally (AM)

Dog classes (PM)

Awards Banquet (PM)

Friday 5/21

Obedience (AM)

Bitch classes (PM)

Annual Meeting (PM)

Saturday 5/22

Terv 2-Miler (AM)

Best of Breed (AM)

Farewell Buffet (PM)