Terv 2 Miler

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Terv 2 Miler Entry Form

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The undersigned, intending to be legally bound; hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administration, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the American Belgian Tervuren Club, Show Headquarters, Race Site, the Race Director and any and all sponsors of this race. I attest that I am physically fit to participate in this race.

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Entry Deadline: April 13th 

Date: Thursday 5/12/22

The Terv 2 Miler is a 1-mile course completed by a team of one human and one Tervuren connected by a 6-foot leash. Each human entrant receives a beautifully designed Terv 2 Miler t-shirt. On the course, human and canine entrants may run or walk this at their comfort level. All family members are welcome. This will not be a timed event. Treats will be presented to the canine and human entrants upon completion of the course. Water will also be available at the finish. Awards will be given for youngest entrants both dog and human, fastest/slowest finish, most style dog/human, and other categories. You never know what may earn you a prize, so come ready for a good time! Shirts are only guaranteed for those who pre-register.


Carl and Jan Lentz