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2024 ABTC National Specialty

Greetings Tervuren friends. 

Ten years ago the ABTC National  was in Ohio, the Heart of it All.  We had so much fun we thought we should do it again. 2024 has a team of Tervurenteers who are working to make sure your time spent is enjoyable, rewarding and fun filled.  We are looking forward to hosting teams that symbolize our motto of Boundless:  Beauty, Talent and Devotion.   Our host hotel is the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio, renowned for holding all breed dog shows and many breed Nationals.  The hotel has a restaurant and a coffee shop on site as well multiple fenced, large exercise areas.  RC will be home for conformation events, agility, obedience, rally, scentwork, and the Terv two miler.  Grooming will be indoors and RV accommodations are on site as well. Hotel has ample parking and immediate access to I-71 to go into nearby Wilmington for local dining, fast food, fuel etc. Herding will be at the High Reaches Farm in Bowling Green, KY.   Tracking will be held at Caesar Creek State Park in Ohio.


We are looking forward to bringing you and your Terv BOUNDLESS enjoyment and success.

    Brooke Cole, Specialty Chair 2024
    and the 2024 Team of Tervurenteers! 

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